Shergarh Fort

The most beautiful, amazing fort with natural beauty, amazing view & wonderful design in Sasaram, Bihar .
Also known as Qila (Shergarh Bhurkuda Fort ) is a ruined fort in sasaram .
There are so many big & small tunnel.
It is a hill fort on a plateau about 800 feet in height fortified by emperor sher shah suri.

The fort is in dense forest which makes access difficult for people who are at the bottom of the plateau. This fort lies at bank of the Durgavati river which flows towards south-west just below the fort, between the two ranges of hills, separating the districts of Rohtas and Kaimur in Bihar.

Situated about 32 kms south-west of the town of Samsaram and about the same distance north-west of Rohtasgarh Fort on the bank of the river Sone, it is a natural hill fort sited amidst gorgeous scenery with the top of the rock having a natural rampart well-fortified by a number of bastions and bulwarks.

But the real magnificence of the site as well as the constructions can be felt only when visited. The ascent to the Fort through the winding path passing through beautiful gorges is steep and through jungles with a remarkable fauna and flora. It look like Deserted place .

In old time some researchers say, this fort name was badalgarh but now, people called it sher shah fort.

It’s design is under 16 km radius . yes, it is actually very long fort .

It has too many underground places . which have much space to stay soliders .

More than 10,000 soliders & guards can stay together there at a time .
People can be seen up to 10 Kilometer from fort .
It has a court yard where the king & queen used to spend time together.

Due to lack of light (electricity) at that time the fort had been design with vantilation in every underground place.
In fort, there is a part for queen where they took shower.Now the rainy water stores there.

The area of the fort is nearly 16 km2. Its main entrance originally had eight small domes but now there are only five.

One kilometer from the main entrance is a lake which is called Rani Pokhra (Queen’s pond), and located at an adjacent hill there is an underground fort.

Shergarh is the most strategic. Even today, if one is required to guard the Kaimur Hills as a vantage point for a larger empire, the sites would still qualify.

Shergarh is strategically located at a distance from the Rohtasgarh fort on the other extremity of the plateau with its base on the banks of the Durgawati. While the Rohtasgarh side of the plateau is connected to the main plateau only by a small stretch of rock at Katautea Ghat and is surrounded on two sides by the River Sone and on one side by the Ausane, the Shergarh side is connected to the main plateau, and is protected on two sides by the river Durgawati. The famous stalactite caves of Gupteshwar lie at a distance of only about 11 kms from the fort of Shergarh

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