Rajgir : Bihar’s Tourist Center

Bihar is a state which is underrated when it comes to tourism. Rajgir city holds it slightly, a city which has a history in carved from Gupta dynasty, Magadha Empire to Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira.

Currently, this city has many spots to rome around. Some of the best places are :-

  1. Rajgir Hills – It’s the first spot that attracts visitors. This hill is surrounded by five hills Songiri, Vaibhavgiri, Ratnagiri, Udaygiri, and Viplachala. This hill consists of two parallel ridges which are around 65km long. People can climb the hill by stairs or ropeway they have to pay Rs. 80 for it till now. The view from the top which is almost 390m is mesmerizing. Shanti Stupa at the top adds some more beauty to this place.
  2. Ghora Katora – This place reminded us of Kedarnath don’t know-how but it does. A lake surrounded by mountains in between jungle holds the nerve. In 2018 addition of the Lord Buddha statue enhanced the beauty to the next level. People can take boat rides and it’s a good picnic spot. Feeling the silence of this place is the best vibe you can get from here but for this, you have to visit this place once.
  3. Son Bhandar – This place has a different and very interesting history. People say that this place still has tons of gold inside the cave. There is a secret code carved on one of the rock officials that says that if anyone can read this code then a door will open which has the gold. This thing makes this place different. How a big rock has cut into a room-like structure. It’s just WOW.
  4. Jarasandh Ka Akhada – This site is believed to be the battlefield where Bhima, one of the five Pandava brothers overpowered and killed legendary Jarasandha. After 28 days of intense duel fight traditionally called Malla yuddha. According to the epic Mahabharata, Jarasandha was the son of Brihadrath, an extraordinary warrior and a very powerful ruler of the Magadha Kingdom. The quadrangular stone structure accessed through steps on one side contains distinguished by soft white bleached earth generally characterizing a wrestling place or akhada. The beauty of this place is can’t be explained. You have to visit here to witness it.

You can watch this video of “Emerging Bihar” youtube channel in which they have described it much clearly.

Credit – Emerging Bihar

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