Mahabodhi Temple


Mahabodhi Temple is the biggest holy pilgrimage for all Buddhist around the world. It is situated 13 km away from Gaya district and the place is known as Bodh Gaya, in Bihar. It is that holy place where Gautam Buddha gained his knowledge which gave birth to the Buddhism religion in India. Today this place is considered to be miraculous. Gautam Buddha was born 544 BC in Kapilwastu. His father was a king named Suddhodhan, Buddha’s original name was Siddharth. He married a women named Yashodhara and had a son name Rahul. He led a very lavish life but this life could not fulfill the void of human sufferings in the world. He left his home and went into the forest to attain enlightenment He then meditated for 5 long years in the place called Urubela near Niranjana river. He fell sick but did not give up his goal. Once daughter of urubela’s gram pradhan gave him some food to eat. Then he sat under a peepal tree and meditated for 7 weeks. He then attained knowledge and became Budhha. This is why the place is known as Bodh Gaya and the tree below which he sat is now known as Bodh Vriksh. That tree is there for more than 2500 years. Samrat Ashoka build a temple there. It is one of the tourists places in India. It is written on the walls of the temple that in the seventh and tenth century faithful people from Myanmar, Srilanka and China came to visit this place. The temple that is seen now was build 1350 years from now. There are 4 Pilllars around the temple that gives it an attractive look. There are many stupas within the premsis of the temple. The gate of the temple that contains the images of deer and tiger which looks very attractive. The place below the Bodhi vriksha is known as vagrasan. There are also other temples build at that place. Tibetian temple was build in 1938. The Chinese temple was build in 1945. Bodh Vihar, Thailand and Burma also built there temples here. This place also has Sujata sthan and Durgeshwari temple is also a place to visit in Gaya.

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